Friday, September 01, 2006

Dr, Deborah Frisch's slurs against Catholics

This is a reposting of one of Deborah Frisch's peculiar tirades on her blog.

If you miss the relevant passage, I will cut n' paste it below.

"August 31, 2006
blog brawl: the final chapter?
It is as good a time as any to talk about the blog brawl and identify and try to resolve any lingering factual disagreement or interpersonal conflict between Jeff Goldstein and me.
I went out trolling looking for an argument about the Iraq War. I commented on a post at protein wisdom called "antecedents" (posted July 3, my comment made July 4, I think) about the New York Times leak du jour, treason, etc.
Over time, the conversation degenerated to the normal fare at protein wisdom, which i called lipid stupidity. Stupid, sexual in-jokes, boring banter and flaccid troll-slapping. My experience of the c***slapping at lipid stupidity felt more like a sock than a rock. It was pathetic so I ignored it and stayed to keep sparring with the idiots.
Eventually, I realized that quaffing Yamhill County pinot noir and arguing with virtual idiots is a pretty pathetic way to entertain myself at night. I wanted to extricate myself from the relationship with the creeps at lipid stupidity in an honorable way, so I challenged Mr. Goldstein to a sort of duel on the night of July 7. I sat down at 8:30 and said I am gonna make you ban me by 9, boy.
He never banned me and I never left and I made a joke about how the slope of my utility function would not diminish at all if jonbenet ramsey’s fate were bestowed on his progeny. It was mean and nasty and horrible to make a joke about the demise of a toddler. Is it meaner and nastier and horribler than all the toddlers that have REALLY DIED this summer while we all were hiking, swimming, phoquing or blogging? I don’t think so. I know 99.99999999999% of y’all do. Spare me the comments. I don’t really give a phuque what you all think about what I did 2 months ago. Get over it.
We would, you say, but you kept writing nasty things about Jeff and Satchel on sadly no and other places. patterico proved it with your IP address, stupid lady who still don’t know we can TRACE YOUR ASS!
I understand that it is possible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that I posted A comment to sadly no or patterico or wherever. But since the “blog manager” has the capacity to alter or delete the CONTENT of the comments, this IP proof is essentially irrelevant. Yes you can prove I said something but you can’t prove what I said. Big phoquing deal.
Besides, even if I said everything attributed to me, it does not come close to violating the frivolous, toothless, ridiculous restraining order from Colorado.
There are several unresolved issues between Mr. Goldstein and me. The first is the outstanding petition for a permanent restraining order. I talked to John Haas at 10 a.m. on August 3 about whether it was worth pursuing legal action against Mr. Goldstein. He advised against it. Mr. Goldstein talked to Paul Lewis at Moye/White and was encouraged to take legal action. At 7:30 a.m. on August 3, I was served with a temporary RO by a Lane County Sheriff's deputy. So thanks to Jeff, he (or his daddy-in-law-o or his daddy-o) I am paying a lawyer in Colorado $250 an hour to settle our fight. Remind me never to fight with a sissy with a rich daddy again. It’s expensive!
The restraining order has four conditions. Two are things I have NEVER DONE (visit or call the Goldstein residence). Two are things I am happy not to do (email JG or post comment on lipid stupidity.) Jeff could accomplish the two objectives by clicking his mouse. This is a waste of the resources of Colorado, Oregon and me who had to hire a lawyer to deal with the frivolous restraining order. I've finally been financially victimized! That's a silver, albeit expensive, lining.
But what I really want is to opine on several matters and maybe be done with it.
1. I had a prior history of inappropriate indifference to the well-being of a blogger’s child (Freakonomics). Jeff had a prior history of inappropriate sexualization of children (sadly no).
Jeff inspired people to call him count cockula. Severall weeks prior to my altercation with him, Jeffrey Todd Goldstein was mocked as count cockula at sadly no. He adopted this name with pride and glee and referred (refers?) to himself REPEATEDLY as count cockula on his own blog!
That is pedophilia, in my mind. If someone calls you Count Cockula and you say cool, you’re a pedophile in my book. This is separate from being a child molester – lots of Americans are pedophiles and visit child porn sites, brothels in Bangkok, etc. I suspect that Jeff, like most non-Catholic American pedophiles, is a non-practicing one.
2. I said the mean stuff about jonbenet ramsey. Jeff wrote the creepy sexual stuff about auntie moonbat saliva. His insistence of trying to force me to admit writing the statement he wrote since Day 1 has irritated me and has inspired my desire to make jokes about him and his wife and satchel.
If Jeff would admit that:
a. he is the one who exhibited pedophilic tendencies prior to our altercation by:
i inspiring people to call him count cockula (=sex + children's cereal=pedophilia) andii. then using the moniker HIMSELF!
b. he wrote the auntie moonbat comment or at least admit that it is not possible to prove that i wrote it (because of the reasons I explain above)
c. the count without the O joke is VERY funny
I will have no need to:
1. verbally aggress against him and2. refer to his wife and child
when I refer to the blog brawl.Posted by Deb at August 31, 2006 08:41 AM TrackBack "

Dr. Deborah Frisch offers:

"I suspect that Jeff, like most non-Catholic American pedophiles, is a non-practicing one."

It follows, therefore, that in America, most practicing pedophiles are Roman Catholics, (In Frisch's educated opinion).

Once again, I must highlight what kind of liability this woman would represent as an employee of any kind of organization that depends on the goodwill of the public for it's continued existence.



At 10 October, 2006 09:37, Blogger OttavaRima said...

Hey Admiral: This is a bit off topic (a BIT, she says).

Just wonderin' how the house hunting is going and when you think you'll be settled enough to invite the East Coast Gerbils over. And can we bring our dogs?

At 27 October, 2006 11:14, Blogger dipsy said...

Bilge, don't know if you'll ever see this, I hope so. Didn't want to increase your irritation by clogging up your mailbox. Anyway, I respect the hell out of you, sir. I'm going to miss reading your stories. And when I find myself in the Cafe du Monde someday, I'll raise a cup of brew to you. Actually I'm doing that right now, only with drip-produced swill that no doubt doesn't even come close to the N.O. experience.
Here's wishing you fair weather and a following sea, salty one.


At 30 October, 2006 18:25, Blogger dipsy said...


Nice headsmack! Well delivered and sound advice. Gracias, mi amigo. I left you a message on my site but I didn't know when you'd get it. Hell, I don't even know when you'll get this one! In any case, the post is gone.

If you ever get the itch, e me: dipsys.flips at yahoo dot com. And not to be a bossy nelly or anything, but maybe you should dust off this place and post a few of your seafaring tales. I'd love to read them. I miss those! And I miss you, too.



At 31 October, 2006 09:55, Anonymous Bilgeman said...


Thanks for that removal, it puts my mind somewhat more at ease.

And I'm stewing a few stories, which I do during my favorite past-time...brooding.

Whether I post 'em here, or ata site with greater hits, I will post 'em.



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