Wednesday, August 09, 2006

In her own words

Deborah Frisch, PhD demonstrates her keen grasp of politics and her sensitivity to the faith of her forefathers:

"zionist puppet=independent=HAHAHA

Joe Lieberman's rabid zionist ass got whooped yesterday! You go Ned Lamont!
Now Joe "zionist puppet" Lieberman's gonna run as an indepedent!
This guy has NEVER had an independent thought in his life.
Joe Lieberman is a rabid zionist, racist warmongering korporate puppet washed-up sissy bureaucrap.
Buy some golf clubs, Joe! You're gonna need em!
Who's the repug candidate gonna be? He's gonna need to start talking sense into Joe real soon or us lefties are in great shape!
Lieberman's going to naderize the republicans in connecticut.
this is getting really good!!!
way to go, stephen colbert for interviewing mr. lamont or your show!
way to go, joe lieberman for showing the world that america's ready to just say no to rabid zionists!
u go, joojoe!
go away. far away. take hillary and kerry and all the other pathetic, neutered libbyrulls in kongress with you!
go to boca raton, all of yuse!
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Regardless of one's politics, wouldn't this mode of expressing them make her a credit to ANY organization?

That is all;

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Don't hire Deb Frisch

Follow the link. DHDF blog has the goods on how this person "brings teh crazy".